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Quality Services, Once Our Goal Now Our Reputation

Our Services

Janitorial, Housekeeping & Cleaning Services Offered by Tidy USA®

Staffing for Public Areas & Kitchen Cleaning including Housekeeping, Day porter, Night Cleaning, and Stewarding

At Tidy, we offer meticulous Janitorial, Housekeeping & Cleaning Services tailored to meet the highest standards of excellence. Our dedicated staff specializes in Staffing for Public Areas & Kitchen Cleaning, encompassing Housekeeping, Day Porter, Night Cleaning, and Stewarding duties.

We excel in providing comprehensive solutions, including specialized services such as floor stripping and waxing, ensuring your space is maintained to perfection. Our well-trained crewmembers are equipped with the expertise to handle cleaning tasks in various environments, from office spaces to lobbies, kitchens, corridors, elevators, and specialized floor treatments.

To guarantee top-notch results, our supervisors are always present on-site, overseeing operations closely to uphold our commitment to quality service. Safety is paramount at Tidy, with our crewmembers undergoing rigorous training to comply with OSHA regulations and adhere to the latest safety protocols. Additionally, our team is well-versed in utilizing advanced cleaning methods and chemicals, staying abreast of industry best practices through continuous training.

Our Services

Quality Services, Once Our Goal Now Our reputation

With well-trained crew members, rigorous safety protocols, and a commitment to quality service, we guarantee top-notch results in various environments, from office spaces to specialized floor treatments.


Stone Care & Restoration

We offer expert stone floor care and restoration services, employing innovative techniques like a unique chemical process and thermochemical reaction to protect, polish, and restore natural stone surfaces, ensuring long-lasting beauty and effortless maintenance for marble, terrazzo, and limestone floors.


Wood Floor Care & Restoration

Tidy USA® offers comprehensive wood floor care and restoration services, catering to a variety of wood flooring types to maintain a timeless, elegant appearance through meticulous care, professional polishing, routine maintenance, and expert restoration techniques.


Tile & Grout Care

We specialize in comprehensive maintenance of tile floors, including thorough grout cleaning using specialized cleansers and sealants to rejuvenate and protect the flooring for a sparkling and durable result.



Carpet Shampooing & Upholstery Care

Comprehensive carpet and upholstery cleaning service specializing in meticulous stain removal and tailored care, ensuring the pristine condition of your surfaces and upholding the sophisticated aesthetic of your living or working space.


Stripping and Waxing

We provide tailored floor maintenance solutions, drawing on 30 years of experience to protect and enhance various flooring types through careful analysis, expert stripping and waxing, and a commitment to transforming spaces with well-maintained floors that contribute to a positive ambiance and lasting impression.

Ready to transform your space with comprehensive cleaning solutions?