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About us

Mr. Cho

Charles cho

Charles Cho, originally from South Korea, describes himself as a perpetual learner. His pursuit of knowledge led him to acquire a diverse skill set in electrical engineering before he made the transition to the United States. Driven by a desire to explore a different profession, he ventured into the cleaning services industry. It was during this time that he laid the foundation for his most significant accomplishment – Tidy USA®.

In 1980, Mr. Cho established Tidy from the ground up in New Orleans, Louisiana. He personally canvassed neighborhoods, promoting “quality service, prompt response, and effective communication,” principles that continue to define Tidy’s operations today. Immersing himself in the intricacies of cleaning techniques and chemical applications, Mr. Cho worked alongside his team on both day and night shifts, sacrificing sleep to gain insights into the shortcomings of existing cleaning services. He identified a lack of attention to detail among other cleaning crews, prompting Tidy to set a higher standard for its customers.

Demonstrating his resourcefulness, Mr. Cho devised innovative solutions, including a backpack vacuuming device predating its patent. His commitment to innovation and diligence resonated with local patrons, fueling Tidy’s organic expansion into a nationwide enterprise through word-of-mouth referrals.

In contrast to typical cleaning companies that focus on instructing their crew on what and how to clean, Mr. Cho emphasized the importance of understanding the underlying reasons behind specific cleaning methods. Tidy’s cleaning practices continue to impart comprehensive knowledge encompassing the what, how, and why of cleaning practices, with all crew members completing thorough assessments to validate their comprehension.

The Tidy Pride

Tidy USA®, is an independent cleaning service based in New Orleans, distinguishing itself from franchise operations. Our staff members consider themselves personally invested in the success of our business. We maintain close relationships with all our supervisors and customers, ensuring a strong working connection. Notably, we remained in New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina to provide assistance in the city’s recovery efforts.

Our reputation for prompt customer service is a point of pride for us. Clients can easily reach a Tidy representative around the clock for any concerns or inquiries they may have.

Over the years, serving a diverse range of clients has afforded us invaluable insights. Enhancing the ambiance of spas, hotels, and hospitals has given us a profound sense of satisfaction in our work.

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